Amazing – 7 Ways to Send Huge Files – Bigger than Gmail

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Gmail users have the ability to send up to 20MB of attachments. Sometimes you need more maybe even over 500MB at a time. Businesses especially often have the need to send very large file attachments. Freelance workers, advertisers, small and large companies are a few of those in need. Other people are just people like you and I who want to send the latest and greatest family pictures to our friends and family living further away. Now you have 7 ways to send huge files bigger than Gmail offers.

– Those familiar with sending large files may have heard of this free file sending company. Send up to 100MB files at a time without even registering. You upload the file; they get an email with a link and click to download it. It stays there for seven days. There is a premium service for those who need to send up to 2GB and need more bandwith.

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15 Ways to Watch TV Online Free

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Does anyone remember the old school television sets with the wooden cover? It looked like a large coffee table with a picture. You had to get up and actually walk across the room to turn a knob to the few channels you had after you adjusted the rabbit ears. TV hit our home as a small black and white. There was no color, no digital, no stereo sound. Best of all it was free! Those days just like Model T Fords are gone. Now without further wait, here are 15 ways to watch TV online free.

– If you have not heard of YouTube by now, you must live in a cave. Internet’s number one TV viewing site is packed full of everything you can find and things you might wish you had not found.

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