Amazing – 7 Ways to Send Huge Files – Bigger than Gmail

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Gmail users have the ability to send up to 20MB of attachments. Sometimes you need more maybe even over 500MB at a time. Businesses especially often have the need to send very large file attachments. Freelance workers, advertisers, small and large companies are a few of those in need. Other people are just people like you and I who want to send the latest and greatest family pictures to our friends and family living further away. Now you have 7 ways to send huge files bigger than Gmail offers.

– Those familiar with sending large files may have heard of this free file sending company. Send up to 100MB files at a time without even registering. You upload the file; they get an email with a link and click to download it. It stays there for seven days. There is a premium service for those who need to send up to 2GB and need more bandwith.

– Send up to 500MB of files. Storage at this site is one of the largest. No need to register and premium service to rid it of ads and speed download time.

– Easy does it with this file sending site that allows you to send 500MB at a time. Each file has a unique URL and stays online for thirty days. No premium service available it is strictly advertiser supported.

– Send files up to 1GB with a $5 a month premium account or 250MB at a time for free accounts. Only 5 sends per month with the free service and no account registering necessary. Their desktop client is available in Mac and Windows operating systems.

– This way to send huge files is very similar to YouSendIt. No registering and 100MB file sending limit. There is a Pro account available to send up to 2GB at a time. The limit of downloads per month is 25 so the unlimited bandwith advertised is capped by that.

– This file sending service targets business and enterprise users. The customized branding and security of this company makes its Enterprise Exchange an asset to companies. Private labeled file exchange and a Basic Exchange are available to users for a fee.
– If you are seeking out ways to send huge files on the internet is a simple but powerful way to online sending and storage. Whether you are on your home computer, laptop or mobile phone you can take care of your files. After you upload files onto your storage through the 256-bit secure encryption you can work with them. Send anything from large documents, digital photos, zip files, videos, music to friends, family or business contacts. It is easy to access files on the internet that you use for your mobile telephone with 5GB of storage.

In today’s busy world that is linked online 24/7 make sure you have all the sending power you need to stay in touch with business contacts and those you hold dearest to you heart.


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