Resources to Make Money Online are Ready for You

August 23, 2008 · Filed Under Money, Services · 320 Comments 

The wave of the internet opened up many doors for people who wanted to work from home full-time or part-time. It also opened up a new world to companies who benefit from outsourcing their work to people who work from home. The internet is a gateway to bring benefits to all who want to gain. You do not have to lease an office to have your own business. You simply need a computer and access to the internet. Have you thought about trying to make money online? Here are the resources to make money online just for you.

Get Paid To Write

– If you have an opinion about products, services and websites Smorty pays you weekly for simply writing your honest opinion in a blog. Select areas that interest you the most. They allow you to have more than one blog to make more money while you are online.

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Take Advantage of Free Online File Storage

August 11, 2008 · Filed Under Free, Services · 8 Comments 

If you are an avid digital photo taker or creator, you know how big those files are and how much space they take up on your computer. Any company knows that there is a plethora of documents that need kept in order for business to run smoothly. If you are running out of space for these types of things, it is time to check out upgrading your computer with more memory or maybe there is a better solution. Before you consider upgrading your CPU space for files, photos and other documents try a free online file storage site to clear up the clutter and gain more hard drive space. The best part is you can access them from any computer or mobile device that you use to access the web. A business benefits by letting employees access documents even when they are out of the office. Let’s see what they have to offer.
– This free online file storage gives you 1GB of storage with no ads. Add more space for a minimal fee as you need it.

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Useful Freeware Design Software

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Designers often find it difficult to come up with the money, especially in the beginning to buy all the many software programs needed to do the job correctly. There is some software you only need on occasion and others you need everyday. Put your checkbook away and get the useful freeware design software you need today.

Software for Editing Images

– Use this GNU image manipulation program to retouch photos, image composition and authoring of images. Mulit-languages are available.

– This free software download from Google help organize and locate your photos. Once you find them edit and add effects easily.

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