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January 12, 2009 · Filed Under Design, Free 

Wallpapers for each mood, day of the week, season and holiday are the rave for computer desktops of the world. Everyone wants something to express his or her style, show off an interest or express some holiday cheer. There are many sites to find them. Let’s look at the best wallpaper websites to make your desktop, cell phone and more look fabulous.

Flickr Wallpapers Pool
– Find a multitude of various beautiful and unique wallpapers to download from Flickr Wallpapers Pool.

– Seek out free high-resolution widescreen wallpapers at InterfaceLIFT. Search them by a plethora of options such as artist, date, resolution, mobile devices and more.
– If you are looking to give your desktop some love, this is the place to do it. There is a marvelous display of free wallpapers for you to enjoy.

– Search out your favorite wallpapers from sexy girls, hot rods, scenery and much more all available to download.

PixiegirlPresents – Cartoons, abstract, animals, the unique and more are here at another one of the best wallpaper websites.

– Find wallpapers for your desktop, widescreen, iphone, dual monitors and more. Search out some fantastic graphic presentations here at this site.

– You find your favorite wallpapers by size, favorites or the simply offbeat. Take yourself away to another world in some of these scenic graphics.

Mandolux – Search for wallpaper for your left, middle or right monitor in many sizes to fit your needs.

– The free wallpaper found here is sorted in many categories to make searching easy. Find fantasy, science fiction, nature, abstract and more.

– Wallpapers from traditional, digital, flash and many more available for your download.

– An array of colors awaits you in this wallpaper website. Find anything from abstract, nature, technology, people and many more.

MyDeskCitiy – A rainbow of colors is available at this wallpaper site.

– Find uniquely styled wallpapers to suit your fancy.
– There are wallpapers of landmarks, science, plants, animals, body, art, science and more at this download site for wallpaper.

Digital Blasphemy
– High-quality images look fabulous on any desktop.

Neon Sight Japan – If you are looking for eye-catching colors they are here.

– A rainbow of colors is found at another of the best wallpaper websites.
– Find mythological creatures, fantasy wallpaper and more at Hebus.

PimpMyDesk – This popular wallpaper site is revamping to add even more options for you to pimp out your desktop.

Klowner’s Wallpapers – Find designs from bubbles, abstract, holidays and more through this website.

Quality Wallpapers – Here you find anime, dual monitor and more in high quality designs.

Looroll – At Looroll you find wallpapers in 3D, abstract, anime and many others.

Wallpaper Joe
– Find the latest wallpaper design releases.

– Find wallpapers for your desktop out of the norm of most wallpaper sites.
– Put nature’s design on your desktop.

MoodFlow – Let dreams come to life.

– Distinct styles from one of the best wallpaper websites is available fro download. – Everything you can want in a wallpaper site with digital, 3D, nature, games, people, movies, anime, sports and so much more to download.


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