Online Music: 60 Essential Music and Audio Websites

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Listening music has always been a popular thing for many people and there has been revolution in music after the introduction of internet. Different websites about with many options have made it much simpler. Now you can find the best music and tracks of your choice easily available on these websites which are good not only for the fans but also for the musicians. There is a music taste for every music lover on these websites with the best music options.

Internet Radio

Jango – Start playing free radio on internet just by typing the name of artist on Jango which provides best music for free.
TeaBrerak – Get the get the music for free on TeaBreak with facility to share it with other music lovers where you can customize Internet Radio.

Internet-Radio , a great music community where you can listen music of your choice and watch music videos. (
Radio-locator , Just tune to radio-locator to listen the best music on thousands of internet radio stations all over the world. (
RadioTower – Listen free music on RadioTower for all the latest hits by your favourite artists. (
Music Discovery Tools
Mashable – you may browse similar artists and also find track lists on

FutureofMusicBook – get the top lists of different artists and listen for free on

Mediafuturist – this tool helps you to get best music on the web (

Social Networks
Soundpedia – discover the new music on the social network with the download facility (
Recorded-Music – a great place for the artists and bands to share their music with their friends.(

r4rmedia – create your profiles and tracks on the site where bands can sell their tracks as well (

MusicV2 – find best music, upload tracks and share your music with others (

Social-Music, – make your play list including best tracks and find artists as well (

Music Sharing Applications and Widgets

DriveAway – a huge collection of music for you where you can share it as well. (

Muzocons – you can store your music, and upload your music (

IndieRockcafe – connect with the similar users to get the music with similar taste (

Widgetbox – update your music library and download your music (

Widgetplus – a place where you can store music to create your profile (
Music Marketplaces

MoreMusic – high quality music collection where you can choose your favourite tracks(

NewMusicJukeBox – a place where you can buy music of your favouriter artists (

CJS – a music store where you can find the variety of music (

MusicMarketplace – a great marketplace where you can listen your music (


iJamming – record music by jamming with other musicians (

Jamstudio – record all your music and then invite other musicians as well.(

BanffJam – listen the variety of music by jamming your favourite tracks (

SheetMusicplus – have the music which others will also like (

imeem – a place where fans can meet their favourite artists and you can download your music for free (


PowerKaraoke – offers various converter tools and a software which can create, play and burn CD (

FreeKaraoke – free karaoke for the music lovers (

Karafun – a software with the help of which you can edit your play list (

Karaoke – best music karaoke for music lovers (

LoudKaraoke – karaoke music and songs with best karaoke machines (


esnips – enables you to remix your music and listen to others. (

MyMusicTools – you can upload music and your favourite tracks and then remix them so that others can hear it. (

ocremix – collect all your favorite tracks to remix and then post on the web to share it with others. (

evolvingMusic – apply the advance remixing tools in your favourite tracks with

remix64 – a world of remixing music where you can remix every kind of music
Mobile Music Services

bitpipe – a network of mobile music allowing the artists to sell their favourite tracks and share with other music lovers as well.(

highbeam – contains the huge music for the music lovers where they can share top tracks with their friends (

MobileMusicentertainment – a place where you can listen the music of every kind (
Lyric Databases

sing365 – a place where you can find the hot lyric database of all new and old tracks (

Lyricsystem – contains the lyrics from all major artists with their favourite tracks (

leolyrics – made for the people to find the alphabetical tracks on the web (

Lyricfind – the users can search all the music categories on this huge database with ease (

LyricDatabase – a lyric database for the music lovers to search their favourite tracks on the web (


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