15 Ways to Watch TV Online Free

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Does anyone remember the old school television sets with the wooden cover? It looked like a large coffee table with a picture. You had to get up and actually walk across the room to turn a knob to the few channels you had after you adjusted the rabbit ears. TV hit our home as a small black and white. There was no color, no digital, no stereo sound. Best of all it was free! Those days just like Model T Fords are gone. Now without further wait, here are 15 ways to watch TV online free.

– If you have not heard of YouTube by now, you must live in a cave. Internet’s number one TV viewing site is packed full of everything you can find and things you might wish you had not found.


– From the authors of Skype comes Joost. It comes with P2P system to deliver content. It has quality video and great content.

– This site is similar to Joost with the P2P-based content. It is ad supported content. There is a cap on the daily downloads. There is a variety of interest covered to suit many interests.

– This P2P based TV online has over fifty channels you can download from. It is focused on European based viewers.

– This site encourages you to download and watch the movies from your desktop. In fact, if it is over 45 minutes, they insist.

– Better known as No Good TV, NGTV is not a g-rated site. It has music, entertainment, bad language and long intros before you get to the good stuff for every episode. Turn this one off for the children.

– This site can play any video file made. It has more HD than most any site and thousands of channels to sift through. You can save your YouTube videos here as well.

– One of the biggest video sharing sites around, Dailymotion is as old as YouTube, and nearly as successful. Unlike YouTube, it’s still not sued by every media powerhouse under the sun, so you can still find a lot of good stuff there. For a list of TV series available at Dailymotion, check out this site.

Google Video
– Most people know that Google bought out YouTube. However, their videos are still a very large part of the internet. Watch it while you can before they decide to phase it out.

– This search engine for video and audio, indexes over 12 million hours of videos. This is a great place to find most any video you are looking for on the net.

– There is little to annoy viewers at this video portal that has a very large selection of television channels.

– There are no downloads or subscriptions only categories of shows.

– Video sharing and rental come together at this site packed full of video.


Sorted by country get television streamed to your PC.

– Users have created shows. Now they are available here as another way to watch TV online free. There is always something unique.


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