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If you are an avid digital photo taker or creator, you know how big those files are and how much space they take up on your computer. Any company knows that there is a plethora of documents that need kept in order for business to run smoothly. If you are running out of space for these types of things, it is time to check out upgrading your computer with more memory or maybe there is a better solution. Before you consider upgrading your CPU space for files, photos and other documents try a free online file storage site to clear up the clutter and gain more hard drive space. The best part is you can access them from any computer or mobile device that you use to access the web. A business benefits by letting employees access documents even when they are out of the office. Let’s see what they have to offer.

– This free online file storage gives you 1GB of storage with no ads. Add more space for a minimal fee as you need it.

– This file storage in Beta mode is giving free accounts with 1GB free (that stay free even later) with the option to add more storage space for an additional fee.

– Little to no effort is needed to back up, restore or export any blog. It is free until the Beta version is up with 50mb available.

– Receive 1 GB of secure storage to back up your computer to use in the event of a crash free.

– Now you can turn your GMail into a portable hard drive. The requirements are a Mac with OS X 10.3+ and a Google GMail account.

– 5GB of free storage online are available free. You have the option of uploading files in bulk up to 2GB at a time. Great for large storage upload needs.

– Store your music, photos, videos and more with 1GB free.

– Upload multiple files up to 500 MB per file. Get 2GB of free storage with the ease of managing files folders and tracking downloads from anywhere.

– This free online file storage has some limitations with the free account of 250 MB of online storage and 5 sends per month. The maximum size and download limitations apply as well.

– Get 300 MB of free online file storage without registering. There is unlimited file downloading each month.

– You do not have to register for this free storage online. The max size of files is 100MB.

– Now you can get free online storage where you can upload a file that is no greater than 50MB. Access files anywhere you are online.

– There is no registration required for this service and you can send up to a 100MB file to a recipient.

– This free online file storage has a max file size of 100MB and uses advertising to support its free service.


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